The Metal Toy Soldiers of Wm. Hocker, Proprietor

Born of the angst about our current era and the erosion of our institutions, we present to our clientele a range of sets that illuminate the hostile and surreal path our nation is on under the most immature, mentally ill, and increasingly dangerous leadership in the nation's history.

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550Great America

Under new management, a nation of immigrants has been redeveloped into a gated community for a more homogeneous population.
11 pieces
551Lock Her Up

The huddled masses and other immigrants are no longer welcome
9 pieces
552Fraternity of Autocrats

For the leaders and their wealthy courtiers, a comforting return to the feudal world order.
5 pieces
553The Art of the Deal

A businessman's approach to American diplomacy
4 pieces
(shown with the Fraternity of Autocrats #552)
554The Squad

But with courage and resistance, the modern world will not so easily be sent back to the age of potentates.
4 pieces

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