Wm Hocker | Indian Mutiny

The Metal Toy Soldiers of   

  Wm. Hocker, Proprietor

Expansion of British East India Company control in India in the first half of the century leads many Indians to fear subjugation of social and religious customs, causing increased resentment to the British presence. In the Bengal Army, with more competent officers taking administrative positions, morale declines. In 1857 a new rifle cartridge which must be bitten open before loading is thought by the troops to be greased with pig fat and hence seen as a religious defilement. Some troops refuse its use and at their punishment the garrison revolts killing all Britons. The mutiny spreads to Delhi with Europeans soon being killed mercilessly throughout Bengal. All British troops are hastily assembled assisted by still loyal Punjab and Bombay troops. Delhi is recaptured, a mutineer siege of the British residents of Lucknow is lifted and finally the Rani of Jhansi, the most capable leader in the mutiny, is defeated in Central India. The mutiny over, avenged with as much ruthlessness as it began, administration of India is passed from John Company to the British Government and the Army is reorganized.

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27Islamic Indian Building Blocks
70 pieces
[Retired @ 91 issues]
48Naval Brigade Siege Artillery
21 pieces
49Bengal Horse Artillery in Action
11 pieces
50Infantry Transport Train
22 pieces
5160th King's Royal Rifle Corps
16 pieces
529th Lancers
5 pieces
531st European Bengal Fusiliers
8 pieces
541st Madras Fusiliers
8 pieces
55Punjab Irregular Force Infantry
8 pieces
57Bengal Sepoy Mutineers
9 pieces
58Bengal Sepoys that Shoot
5 pieces
593rd Bengal Light Cavalry
5 pieces
61Pipers of the 78th Highlanders
8 pieces