Wm Hocker | The Trump Regime

The Metal Toy Soldiers of Wm. Hocker, Proprietor

Born of the angst about our current era and the erosion of our institutions, we present to our clientele a range of sets that illuminate the hostile and surreal path our nation is on under the most immature, mentally ill, and increasingly dangerous leadership in the nation's history.

Note: Production of Trump Regime sets have been suspended as of January 20th, 2021 at 12:00 noon ET, hopefully never to be resumed. Unfortunately, the institutional and human carnage of the regime, and the possibility of its resurgence, remain.

SetView Color ThumbnailsIn
550Great America
11 pieces

Under new management, a nation of immigrants has been redeveloped into a gated community for a more homogeneous population.
551Lock Her Up
9 pieces

"I would be happy if not a single refugee foot ever again touched American soil." -Stephen Miller
552Fraternity of Autocrats
5 pieces

"He wrote me beautiful letters and they're great letters. We fell in love." - Donald Trump on Kim Jong Un
553The Art of the Deal
4 pieces
(shown with the Fraternity of Autocrats #552)

"Donald Trump knows how to use leverage in negotiations" - Rudy Giuliani
554The Squad
4 pieces

"Congress is too old. They don't have a stake in the game." - AOC

555Above the Law
6 pieces

"I'm not an impartial juror. This is a political process. There is not anything judicial about it. " - Mitch McConnell

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