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The Metal Toy Soldiers of Wm. Hocker, Proprietor

The items presented here are of such a specialized nature, owing to subject matter or availability, that they can not be included in our conventional groupings.

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200Diamond Jubilee Souvenir
2 pieces
260The American Century -
a centennial celebration.
31 pieces

And since you have been asking...
TR, immigrants, Ford,doughboy, suffragette, Satchmo, FDR, the Babe, Lindy, Walt Disney, Ike, Einstein, Lucy, Marilyn, Elvis, MLK, JFK, astronaut, hippy, Vietnam vet, McDonald's worker, Ronald Reagan and Bill Gates.
261The American Century Abridged
(Apollo Astronaut & Lunar Flag)
2 pieces
262Harry Phillips, Auctioneer
commemorating the 25th anniversary of Phillips' toy soldier sales in 1995. Available only through Phillips Bayswater
1 piece
263Victorian and American Tin Types
assorted and serendipitous groupings in the past available on an irregular basis only at shows.
4-6 pieces
264The Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace
a boy, his dog and the defense of empire
3 pieces
265The Little Old Toy Soldier Maker
operating tribute to the casting art
1 piece
266Chinese Wedding Procession
48 pieces
267Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Boxes
assorted groups available at the June 1997 British Toy Soldier and Figure Show
4 pieces
268Mien Wedding Party
a tribute to the crew that actually makes Wm Hocker Toy Soldiers
6 pieces
269Bride and Groom
first produced for the wedding of Sue Bialzik and Norman Joplin, 2003
2 pieces
320Our 20th Anniversary Souvenir

a tribute to passionate collectors and their unfortunate families
5 pieces
400Our Silver Jubilee Souvenir
celebrating 25 years of metal toy soldier production
5 pieces
401John Bull
a British icon
(A red-coated version was commissioned by Toy Soldier and Model Figure Magazine - available from them - to celebrate their 100th issue)
2 pieces
402Origin of the Species
a whimsical tribute to Charles Darwin's 200th Birthday and to 500 plus years of the ascent of science over superstition
2 pieces
403British Infantry at Mourner's Rest 1901
8 pieces
Originally a custom set made for now-departed friend and collector Fred Wehr, this set is now offered in memoriam for the friends in the toy soldier world fallen on the carpet of battle in the last few years.

Close aquaintances have been:
Sandy Leh
Fred Wehr
Al Emsig
Bill Brunton
Howard Swales
Neil Crowley
Mike Heraty
Daniel Donazino
Joe Shimek
Dick Whitlock
404The American Century Outtakes
5 pieces
-The Pre-Internet Wm Hocker Catalogue
31 page price list
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(2MB - slow loading)
-18" x 24" full-color posters & calendars

1984 calendar, a Britains collection (NA)
1985 calendar, sets 1 thru 10
1986 calendar, Boer War
1987 calendar, Indian Army (NA)
1988 calendar, Nile Campaigns (NA)
1989 poster, Crimean War
1990 calendar, Indian Mutiny
1991 calendar, Toy Soldier Resources
1992 calendar, Zulu War
1993 calendar, Queens Own Toy Soldiers (NA)
1996 poster, American Revolution

$8 each

Since 1983