Wm Hocker | Zulu War

The Metal Toy Soldiers of Wm. Hocker, Proprietor

Presented here is the quintessential Victorian military campaign. Not wishing to annex Zulu homelands into their South African colony, the British are nonetheless uncomfortable with the proximity of this warrior culture to their new settlements. A raid in 1879 by Zulus into British territory is enough provocation to prompt a major invasion of Zululand. Most of the British force is immediately massacred by the well organized Zulu Impi at Isandalwanda but the remainder sustains a heroic defense at Rorke's Drift. A second invasion is undertaken with a march on the Zulu capital at Ulundi. The British, in perfect battle square, hold off and decimate wave after wave of Zulu attack. The power of the Zulus is broken, Zululand is eventually annexed to the Colony.

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82Zulu Warriors
16 pieces
8324th Regiment of Foot
16 pieces
8491st Highlanders with Colors
8 pieces
85Band of the 13th Light Infantry
8 pieces
86Imperial Mounted Infantry
9 pieces
8717th Lancers, 1879
5 pieces
881st Dragoon Guards, 1879
5 pieces
89Frontier Light Horse
5 pieces
90Natal Native Contingent
8 pieces
91Natal Native Horse
5 pieces
92Royal Artillery Gatling Gun
14 pieces
93Regimental Ox Wagon
28 pieces
94Types of the Zulu War Presentation Box

A display box containing sets 82 to 93 plus Lord Chelmsford
129 pieces

[Retired @ 25 issues]

Since 1983