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An arcane question or something you want to say about our goods that might be of interest to others? A Wm. Hocker set that you wish to post to some other billet? This Dispatch Forum is a work in progress and will be modified over time as I see how it might be used. If you have problems or suggestions for improvement please let me know. Logged-in clients may post new dispatches and add dispatch comments.

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old Britains & Hocker-like toy soldier sale ebay Jan 23rd - Feb 1st seller: ozziep9Alexander Jordan23Jan21
Midnight rationsRobert Thorpe25Dec20
10th Hussars Charge! Pt 1Alexander Jordan6Nov20
Not a good day for the colonialsAlexander Jordan11Mar18
My Wm Hocker collection of American revolutionary war soldiers!James Cox19Jan18
Ghost Dancers and EncampmentFrank Vodvorka23Dec17
Jubilee Luis Urruticoechea20Mar17
Hocker/Britains Cameron Highlanders diorama/displayAlexander Jordan8Sep16
No TitleRobert Thorpe15Mar15
No TitleRobert Thorpe6Feb15
South of the Border...Randy Bond28Dec14
French Foreign Legion Fort under attack!Alexander Jordan9Nov14
No TitleRobert Thorpe7Nov14
Kudos For WWI SeriesRandy Bond22Aug14
Wm Hocker Wish ListTom Cirone15Apr14
OMG! These are Fantastic WWI AdditionsRandy Bond14Mar14
WWI Hocker Sets. etcRandy Bond13Jan14
For Boxer Rebellion CollectorsRandy Bond20Nov13
Bills 1812 British soldiers tie in perfectly with Imperial Productions.Norm Grace3Nov13
Boxer Rebellion Vignette SuggestionRandy Bond8Oct13
Chicago ShowRandy Bond30Aug13
Victorian VignettesRandy Bond11Mar13
Queen's Own Corps of Guides Fort under attack! Part 2Alexander Jordan2Feb13
Queen's Own Corps of Guides Fort under attack! Part 1Alexander Jordan2Feb13
Queen's Own Corps of Guides in actionAlexander Jordan2Feb13
Queen's Own Corps of Guides marching columnAlexander Jordan1Feb13
Britains/Hocker-like Corps of Guides Officers & NCOsAlexander Jordan1Feb13
Queen's Own Corps of Guides CavalryAlexander Jordan1Feb13
A Christmas to Behold!Bill Hocker19Dec12
Old Toy Soldier Auctions- offers a Unique William Hocker adaptation.Norman Joplin24Oct12
Edward S. Curtis Among the NavajoRandy Bond22Oct12
Ruben BladesRandy Bond12Oct12
China 1899: Quiet Before The StormRandy Bond10Oct12
Soldaderas: Women of the Mexican RevolutionRandy Bond8Oct12
NEW WH Boxer Rebellion 1900 SeriesRandy Bond27Sep12
NEW WH Pancho Villa Expedition 1916 SeriesRandy Bond27Sep12
Two New Hocker Lines!Randy Bond24Sep12
Downton Abbey Season 3Randy Bond23Sep12
A Visit to Downton Abbey 1905Randy Bond25Aug12
"Tea with the Rajah"Randy Bond29Jul12
American WestSteve Gardner23Jul12
Catlin Among the Mandans 1830sRandy Bond5Jul12
Life On The MississippiRandy Bond2Jul12
"Highland Laddie"Randy Bond25Jun12
"The Collector"Randy Bond25Jun12
Very Sad News from Wilson Edward Toy SoldiersRandy Bond24Jun12
Colonial CiviliansRandy Bond25May12
Downton AbbeyRandy Bond22May12
ManiguaSantiago Martinez-Carande24Mar12
2012 New Hocker series?Randy Bond19Mar12
The WestcoasterBill Hocker15Mar12
Renoir & HockerRandy Bond1Feb12
Jane Austen in EgyptRandy Bond30Jan12
Wm Hocker / Wm Britains "Archive Colletction" Wist ListAlexander Jordan30Jan12
Imperial Durbar SpectatorsRandy Bond30Jan12
1911 Delhi Durbar on Film in ColourRandy Bond27Dec11
No TitleRobert Thorpe23Dec11
Merry Christmas To One & AllRandy Bond21Dec11
An Outpost on the Northwest FrontierRandy Bond11Dec11
Los Diablos TejanosRandy Bond24Nov11
Britains Highlanders with sun helments in action Pt 2Alexander Jordan19Nov11
Britains Highlanders with sun helmets in actionAlexander Jordan19Nov11
Damaged Zouave OfficerRandy Bond8Nov11
A bit of a problem...Bill Hocker30Oct11
Britains British Line InfantryAlexander Jordan14Oct11
"The Ambush" 1885Randy Bond29Sep11
"This Land Is Apache Land" 1886Randy Bond29Sep11
Glossy Palm treesRandy Bond16Sep11
Russians vs. The Black Watch pt 2Alexander Jordan13Sep11
Russians vs. The Black Watch pt 1Alexander Jordan13Sep11
Portable Pigeon LoftRandy Bond20Aug11
It's Lonely Out HereRandy Bond6Jul11
"Gold Fever"Randy Bond3Jul11
"Cotton Office, Galveston 1868"Randy Bond1Jul11
"The Art Critics" 1896Randy Bond23Jun11
"Summer In The Hamptons" 1896Randy Bond21Jun11
"Bachelor's Choice" circa 1897Randy Bond16Jun11
"Making History" 1862Randy Bond15Jun11
"A New Beginning" 1863Randy Bond13Jun11
"With God On Their Side" 1859Randy Bond11Jun11
Camel Corps Battery #2Alexander Jordan8Jun11
Camel Corps BatteryAlexander Jordan8Jun11
Tied or untied?Stephen Jury30May11
"The Homers of Prout's Neck"Randy Bond26May11
"On Holiday"Randy Bond19May11
Malcolm Forbes Highland Balloon Section For SaleBill Hocker3May11
5th New York Zouaves vs. Confederate Texas Brigade Pt.2Alexander Jordan16Apr11
5th New York Zouaves vs. Confederate Texas Brigade Pt.1Alexander Jordan16Apr11
King's Own Scottish Borderers in action Northwest FrontierAlexander Jordan4Apr11
Wabash MinstrelsRandy Bond24Mar11
Gordon Highlanders / Northwest FrontierAlexander Jordan14Mar11
Conestoga Wagon and Central Pacific Rail GangBill Hocker9Mar11
"Get Well Bill"Randy Bond7Mar11
"Memento Maori"Randy Bond6Mar11
19th C Colonial GunboatRandy Bond22Jan11
Naval ScenicsRandy Bond18Jan11
Union Navy Flag Signal MenRandy Bond16Jan11
Hocker WWI SeriesRandy Bond15Jan11
Mountain Artillery Battery (British & Indian Army)Alexander Jordan8Jan11
Merry Christmas!Randy Bond24Dec10
Speaking of Malcolm Forbes....Bill Hocker17Dec10
Royal Horse Artillery & Scots GreysAlexander Jordan15Dec10
U.S. Navy 1898Randy Bond11Dec10
African American Sailors in the Union NavyRandy Bond8Dec10
The Thin Red LineAlexander Jordan5Dec10
Tis the SeasonAlexander Jordan5Dec10
Highland Guard of the Amir of AfghanistanRandy Bond30Nov10
The Fred Wehr CollectionBill Hocker29Nov10
The New Scholar 1866Randy Bond28Nov10
A Victorian HolidayRandy Bond27Nov10
American ColossusRandy Bond26Nov10
"Salt Water People 1862"Randy Bond25Nov10
"Beneath The Palms (Key West) 1886"Randy Bond22Nov10
Queen's Own Presentation Box of Toy SoldiersRandy Bond22Nov10
"Contraband"Randy Bond20Nov10
My Roots in the Britains FactoryBarry Hards16Nov10
Wm. Hocker in TS&MFBill Hocker9Nov10
French Army OfficersAlexander Jordan17Aug10
Darwin, Fitzroy, Royal Marines & FuegiansRandy Bond1Jul10
Cotton Tales (1860s-1890s)Randy Bond24Jun10
Life In the American South of the 1860sRandy Bond25May10
Buffalo Bill in Mainz!Bill Hocker20May10
From the Mississippi To the Nile 1861Randy Bond15May10
"Dixie Pashas 1861"Randy Bond14May10
"In The Land of Cotton"Randy Bond10May10
Mix of Wm. Hocker and Britains HighlandersAlexander Jordan10May10
WH & WHRandy Bond7May10
Set 391 & 4 extra TroopersBob Crutchfield6May10
Hocker Desk War 3Bob Crutchfield6May10
Hocker Desk SkirmishBob Crutchfield6May10
Regimental MusterRandy Bond6May10
Hocker's CenterfoldsClyde Cocke5May10
Bushnell's TurtleRandy Bond5May10
Hocker & Britains British ArtilleryAlexander Jordan4May10
54th MassachusettsRandy Bond20Apr10
American West SeriesRandy Bond17Apr10
Salvage Paradigm SetsRandy Bond15Apr10
Indian Army: Uniforms, Religious Affiliation, and Personal NamesRandy Bond12Apr10
Abolitionist Set 322Randy Bond11Apr10
Wm. Hocker Redcoats Under Fire!Bill Hocker11Apr10
5th NY (Duryee) ZouavesRandy Bond9Apr10
Arjan Singh 1891Randy Bond9Apr10
Lady Harrington 1893Randy Bond9Apr10
Lt. Robert Merton Royal Navy 1868Randy Bond9Apr10
"Tintypes"Randy Bond9Apr10
"Anniversary Waltz"Randy Bond9Apr10
"A Toast To Victory"Randy Bond9Apr10
Hocker Union Artillery Officer w/ Britains soldiersAlexander Jordan8Apr10
Charles Darwin & the Theory of EvolutionRandy Bond8Apr10
Abyssinian Expedition 1868Randy Bond8Apr10
Colonel Smythe's DaughterRandy Bond8Apr10
A British OutpostRandy Bond8Apr10
Hocker Union Iron Brigade rushingAlexander Jordan8Apr10
Hocker Texas Brigade/Confederates chargingAlexander Jordan8Apr10
Hocker & Britains 42nd Black Watch HighlandersAlexander Jordan8Apr10
Hocker & Britains French Zoauves Alexander Jordan8Apr10
Randy Bond's Wm. Hocker VignettesBill Hocker28Mar10
Wm. Hocker & his Toy Soldier Company rocks!Alexander Jordan26Mar10
Welcome to Wm. Hocker Dispatches from the FieldBill Hocker24Mar10
Wm. Hocker Set #94 for sale.Bill Hocker18Mar10

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