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Welcome to Wm. Hocker Dispatches from the Field

Bill Hocker - 18Mar10 11:39AM

This is our tentative effort to provide a place for those interested in our goods to sound off. Our initial intention is two-fold:

First, to provide the opportunity to pose questions about Wm. Hocker goods, questions that may be of interest to other collectors, which I might answer directly. I hope that such questions will be a compliment to, rather than a distraction from the existing Treefrog Treasures Wm. Hocker forum.

Second, wishing that my goods always have a happy home, I want to provide a place where individual collectors (not dealers) wishing to sell a Wm. Hocker set may publish their offering. This second intention is not without peril. Such posting would be competing with our own newly produced goods but, as I say, I want all Wm. Hocker sets to find a desirable billet. Perilous also because I can take no responsibility for the transaction from seller to buyer. Should you have a quantity of Wm. Hocker sets for sale, your might consider Memphis Toy Soldier or the OTS Auctions.

--Bill Hocker

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1. Bill Hocker - 18Mar10 12:24PM

PS: Postings of more general toy soldier interest may be entertained, but there are other internet forums for the toy soldier world here and here and I do not wish to discourage any discussions on those site.

2. Bill Hocker - 24Mar10 5:13PM

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