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Darwin, Fitzroy, Royal Marines & Fuegians

Randy Bond - 29Jun10 7:11PM

I would like to see Bill do some figures based on this still from the 2009 film Creation about Charles Darwin. Here we see Capt. Robert Fitzroy and Royal Marines of the H.M.S. Beagle confronting the natives (Fuegians) on the island of Tierra del Fuego. It would make a nice companion to Set 402 Origin of the Species and go well with the other historic events he has already captured in tin and glossy paint.
Here is a link to the film website:

Creation Official Site

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1. Randy Bond - 29Jun10 7:21PM

A still showing Darwin (Paul Bettany) with the Royal Marines
2. Randy Bond - 1Jul10 1:47PM

I have been told by another collector that the Royal Marine uniforms used in Creation appear to be outdated. Here is a set of RM figures from the 1830s (the period of the Beagle voyage with Darwin).

These are from the All The KIng's Men website showing a collection of figures representing the 1830s Canadian Rebellions.

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