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The Fred Wehr Collection

Bill Hocker - 9Nov10 6:11PM

Fred Wehr was a very good friend and a devoted patron of Wm. Hocker goods for some 20 years. But his passion to collect spanned a much longer period (probably from childhood) and his collection of Britains and other old toy soldiers is quite substantial and of very high quality. Part 1 of his collection (it is too large to be auctioned off in one go), is being auctioned by Old Toy Soldier Auctions on November 20th and 21st, 2010. Day one is for the old toy soldiers and day two is for the new things, including those of yours truly. The PDF catalog of the collection is here

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1. Bill Hocker - 9Nov10 6:33PM

As an added note: Fred was after me for any number of years to do Victoria's funeral and as an incentive sent me what must be full sized copies of the vast graphic coverage done by the London Illustrated News at the time. The set that he was most interested in, and the only set that I actually made, was to represent the Infantry that lined the route of Victoria's cortege, her coffin on a gun carriage pulled by Royal Navy ratings. The set was to be in a manual-of-arms pose that I had never heard of and was only employed upon the passage a deceased Royal personage - Mourner's Rest.

Above is Infantry at Mourner's Rest ( only recently numbered 403). "Good on you, Bill Hocker" he enthused when I finally delivered it to him.
2. Bill Hocker - 29Nov10 11:52AM

Note that the prices realized from the sale of the first part of the Fred Wehr Collection, including a number of Wm. Hocker sets (pages 9-10), are now available on the Old Toy Soldier Auctions site

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