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Merry Christmas!

Randy Bond - 18Dec10 10:49AM

Merry Christmas and Thank You to Bill for making a superb product and keeping the spirit of childhood alive for all those who collect his toy soldiers.


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1. Barry Hards - 18Dec10 2:34PM

Just to echo Randy's Christmas message - thanks Bill, as a Brit, I just luv the figures you produce, they are the natural successor's to w Britain Jnr in that they remain true toys and playthings and not just cabinet pieces. All the best for 2011! Barry, Bournemouth, England.
2. Bill Hocker - 20Dec10 4:36PM

From all of us to all of you, a very Happy Holiday Season!

And thank you for your kind words.
3. Bill Hocker - 20Dec10 4:40PM

A good friend, and collector with a germanic bent, Michael Henry, sent me this Christmas card last year using a 1910 litho. If you can find any other images using toy soldiers for Christmas send them along.
4. Randy Bond - 21Dec10 5:13AM


A very nice grouping for your card. It is really interesting to see how many figures you have made of children.

The well-known WWI propaganda poster I have attached is not Christmas but the iconography is most interesting.

5. Randy Bond - 21Dec10 5:16AM

A watercolor called Christmas Toy Soldiers by Sonya P.
6. Randy Bond - 21Dec10 5:32AM

An illustration from The Magic Toy Shop
7. Randy Bond - 21Dec10 5:42AM

A junior general and his troops
8. Randy Bond - 21Dec10 6:03AM

Christmas card 1944: Liberated European children celebrating Christmas with a real soldier
9. Randy Bond - 21Dec10 6:04AM

Harry Payne Christmas Card with Soldiers early 20th C
10. Randy Bond - 22Dec10 3:51AM

Ted Deddens (Ted Toy) Christmas Set

From Pat Wade Collection
Pat is also a Wm. Hocker collector
11. Randy Bond - 22Dec10 3:51AM

12. Randy Bond - 22Dec10 5:47AM

Another Harry Payne Holiday Card
13. Bill Hocker - 22Dec10 2:57PM

14. Randy Bond - 23Dec10 10:42AM

A nice Toy Soldier Christmas Display posted by a member of Treefrog's Toy Soldier Forum today.
15. Randy Bond - 23Dec10 11:38AM

A Wm. Hocker Style Christmas Card
16. Randy Bond - 24Dec10 6:21AM

"A Soldier's Christmas in Wales 1877"
Members of the 2nd Battalion, 24th Regiment of Foot, Brecon, Wales December 25, 1877. In 1878, they would be sent to South Africa and as they say "The rest is history".
17. Randy Bond - 24Dec10 6:23AM

"Christmas in Boston 1901"
Seaman Robert Coffin, a native of Brunswick, Maine and a sailor attached to the United States' North Atlantic Squadron, is on shore leave during the Christmas holidays and enjoying the sites of "Beantown".

18. Randy Bond - 24Dec10 6:24AM

"Going Home for Christmas"

December 1918

Lt. Duncan MacDonald of the 42nd Highland Regiment (Black Watch) is going home for Christmas. Wounded in France, he has spent the last few months at a military hospital in England. He is dressed in the “Hospital Blues” worn by recuperating British military patients. These consisted of a blue suit with white lapels, white shirt and red tie. He is accompanied by his two sisters: Rose, a member of Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service (distinguished by their red capes) and Margaret, a member of Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve (wearing a grey cape with red trim). They are about to be picked up for transport to King’s Cross Station where they will catch a train to Edinburgh for a joyous family holiday reunion.

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