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Naval Scenics

Randy Bond - 17Jan11 10:09AM

One of the great things about the Hocker series is the inclusion of naval forces, a subject often neglected by toy soldier manufacturers. One of the problems with this subject is displaying them in the proper setting. A few manufacturers such as Figarti (HMS Victory) and W. Britain (Nile River Gunboat) are now creating full scale vessels to go with their figures. The problem with noble efforts such as these is cost and space. Today looking at Bill's list of toy soldier makers, I discovered the English company Little Lead Soldiers that has a naval range and includes ship scenics with a number of their sets. Bill's set 283 Naval Gun & Crew War of 1812 does include s small scenic piece of the ship, seen here.

Bill and I have discussed this issue with regard to the USN Spanish American War (Set 493). Below I am posting the examples of nautical scenics from Little Lead Soldiers and wonder if other collectors would like to see Bill make some of these basic scenics available for naval collectors to use in their displays,

Little Lead Soldiers

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1. Randy Bond - 17Jan11 10:10AM

Death of Nelson
2. Randy Bond - 17Jan11 10:11AM

Loading Stores Onboard
3. Randy Bond - 17Jan11 10:12AM

Three Tier Deck
4. Randy Bond - 17Jan11 10:12AM

Nelsonís Dayroom on HMS Victory
5. Randy Bond - 17Jan11 10:13AM

Napoleon to Exile
6. Randy Bond - 17Jan11 10:14AM

The Boston Tea Party
7. Randy Bond - 17Jan11 10:15AM

Gun Crew Firing on a Lower Gun deck
8. Alexander Jordan - 18Jan11 5:36AM

Those are pretty darn cool naval/Trafalgar scenic pics, Randy! Have you (or anyone else?) seen the book "The Trafalgar Companion" by Mark Adkin? Recently, I was given as gifts two similar books "The Waterloo Companion" & "The Gettysburg Companion" by this same author. Both are excellently well written & very informantive.
9. Randy Bond - 18Jan11 6:04AM


I own the Waterloo Companion and agree it is excellent. I would like to see something like these for the Victorian Colonial Wars.

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