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"Making History" 1862

Randy Bond - 15Jun11 11:57AM

Timothy H. O'Sullivan, was a photographer who worked for Matthew Brady during the Civil War. Among his photographs were images of African American families seeking freedom behind Union lines around the time of the second battle of Bull Run. Many of these were taken near the Rappahannock River, Rappahannock, Virginia in August of 1862. O'Sullivan's photographs along with those of Brady and Alexander Gardner have helped make the history of the Civil War come alive for subsequent generations.

Timothy H. O'Sullivan (1840-1882)

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1. Randy Bond - 15Jun11 12:00PM

Fugitive African Americans fording the Rappahanock River 1862 (photo by Timothy O'Sullivan)
2. Randy Bond - 15Jun11 12:01PM

"Making History" (Diorama using Wm. Hocker sets 322 and 325)

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