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Glossy Palm trees

Randy Bond - 16Sep11 1:46PM

If anyone is looking for glossy palm trees to use with your Hocker sets and figures, I would recommend those made by Craig & Jason Pearce the owners of the Australian-based toy soldier manufacturer Wilson Edward. I have attached an example using one of the Hocker 19th C Colonial British officers from my collection.

The palm trees are 2D pewter cast background pieces that will enhance any display of Bill's figures with or without additional scenics. Here is the Wilson Edward Catalog information:

WE-MIS-Tropical Palm
$20 AUD painted or $10 AUD Unpainted casting

Here is a link to the Wilson Edward Site:


Like Wm. Hocker this is a home-based family operated company with the products made on site. Like Bill, the Pearses are a pleasure to do business with.

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