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"This Land Is Apache Land" 1886

Randy Bond - 29Sep11 2:01PM

Geronimo (red kerchief) and three members of his Apache band on the run from the 4th Cavalry in the desert Southwest. Geronimo and his men were among the last Native Americans to acknowledge the occupation of the West by the United States.

Figures: from W. Hocker Set 420 Apache Warriors
Scenics: Ted Toys

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1. Randy Bond - 29Sep11 2:03PM

Photograph of Geronimo 1887
Probable source for figure in Set 420

2. Alexander Jordan - 29Sep11 4:41PM

Randy, you're the best at setting up your toy soldiers and/or civilian figures with the appropriate background/scene. Also, I always enjoy reading your historial vignettes to accompany your toy soldier/toy civilian display.
Keep em' coming!

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