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Wm Hocker / Wm Britains "Archive Colletction" Wist List

Alexander Jordan - 30Jan12 8:51AM

My own toy soldier wish list would include Mr. Hocker and/or current Wm. Britains Co. "Archive Collection" to produce more "Armies of France" sets/picture packs. The French Army uniforms from the 1850's (Crimean War) to 1914 (Franco-Prussian War included etc.) were very colorful. Britains own fantastic-looking French Infantry Army Officer (wearing blanket/roll & boots) was only produced from 1909-1924 for set#141. This figure would've looked great as an active-service French Foreign Legion Officer for any of Britains Foreign Legion sets produced from 1939-1966.
Dorset Soldiers of England makes a solid-cast Britains-reproduction casting of this particular figure. This figure should be re-released in Wm Britains current "Archive Collection". Enough with all the British Army on parade figures?!
I included here a link I found on "Google Images" of the this particular Britains set 141 French Infantry Officer.

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