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Jane Austen in Egypt

Randy Bond - 30Jan12 11:30AM

As many already know, I like doing 19th C scenes with civilians. I have been admiring the W. Britain Jane Austen series but had not figured out how to use them. Since I am collecting the K&C Napoleon in Egypt series which so far deals with the archaeological and scientific aspects of the expedition, I realized that that some of the JA (Napoleonic era) figures could be used as stand ins for the 167 civilian "Savants" that accompanied Napoleon to Egypt and brought back much new information to France as a result. The JA figures have all been retired now and so I grabbed 3 of them last week before they are all gone.

Here is one on my scenes:

"Les Savants" Egypt 1800
Two members of Les Savants (167 scientists and scholars) who accompanied Napoleon on his expedition to Egypt (1798-1801) show off the ruins of ancient Egypt to the wife of one of Napoleon's staff who has traveled with her husband to the Middle East.

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