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Downton Abbey

Randy Bond - 1Feb12 5:42AM

I am a big fan of the series Downton Abbey and wish someone would make a set of figures based upon it. It covers from the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 through WWI and into the 1920s. The costumes and sets are spot on and stunning to boot.

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1. Randy Bond - 1Feb12 5:44AM

Lady Mary ready for the hunt
2. Randy Bond - 1Feb12 5:45AM

3. Randy Bond - 1Feb12 5:47AM

Downton Abbey Cast
4. Alexander Jordan - 1Feb12 5:56AM

Randy those are great costumes & "look" for that era. BBC, AMC ("Mad Men" "Carlos") & HBO ("Boardwalk Empire" "Rome" etc.) are great at producing authentic looking costumes & "look" to the time periods they portray in their mini-series.
HBO begins filming this year an American Civil War mini-series called "To Appomattox" for release in 2013. Check out the website. Great cast too:
5. Randy Bond - 1Feb12 12:51PM

The Rt Hon Cora, Countess of Grantham, Downton Abbey 1885
Sepia Wash Drawing Circa 1885

Figures by W. Britain
6. Steve Mills - 22May12 7:47PM

Imperial of New Zealand produced some fabulous Victorian era street figures.
Sadly, they no longer manufacture. What a bloody tradgedy.
I had more but lost them when burgled.

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