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Catlin Among the Mandans 1830s

Randy Bond - 5Jul12 10:54AM

American artist George Catlin (1796-1872) is best known for his paintings of Native Americans on the Antebellum American frontier. He began the project of recording the tribes of North America in 1830. This coincided with Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Act of the same year. Catlin like many other Americans felt that these tribes would ultimately vanish from the continent and so set out to record them and their way of life before they were gone.

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1. Randy Bond - 5Jul12 10:55AM

Among the tribes he visited were the Mandans of North Dakota. They lived in villages of circular wood frame and earthen lodges or when on the move used buffalo hide tipis.
2. Randy Bond - 5Jul12 10:55AM

Among Catlin's works are portraits of individual members of the tribe, such as 2nd Chief Mah-to-toh-pa or Four Bears.
3. Randy Bond - 5Jul12 10:56AM

Wm. Hocker's Set 411 portrays Catlin painting this portrait.

4. Randy Bond - 5Jul12 1:43PM

Here is the same scene utilizing one of the Mandan earth lodges as a backdrop.

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