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Two New Hocker Lines!

Randy Bond - 24Sep12 3:41AM

These are photos taken by Peter Reuss (Treefrog Treasures) at OTSN

Bravo Bill! These sets are terrific and definitely worth all the time you have spent on them. Thank you!

You've got to love the airplane, automobile, motorcycle with sidecar and a Mariachi Band

Photo 1: US Punitive Expedition to Mexico 1916 (Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution)

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1. Randy Bond - 24Sep12 3:41AM

Photo 2:

US Punitive Expedition to Mexico 1916

2. Randy Bond - 24Sep12 3:42AM

Photo 3

Boxer Rebellion 1900

3. Randy Bond - 24Sep12 10:03AM

The Mexican Band reminds me of Gene Autry movies like South of the Border and Down Mexico Way
Some of the 1916 Mexican figures from the new series could be used with set 429 The American Western 1915-

4. M. J. Clitheroe - 24Sep12 11:52PM

The Boxer sets look wonderful, my fingers are all but itching at the chance to get hold of one or two sets.

Any idea when they will be added to the roster of available sets?

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