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American West Series

Randy Bond - 17Apr10 6:49AM

I would like to recommend this book to anyone collecting the WH American West Series. Although out of print it is available online from both Barnes & Noble and Amazon's o.p. sources. The book has over 32 color plates by the author, illustrator E. Lisle Reedstrom, and numerous period photographs.

I am posting sample images of subjects that would make great additions to Bill's series.

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1. Randy Bond - 17Apr10 6:50AM

Here is the Table of Contents
2. Randy Bond - 17Apr10 6:53AM

Buffalo Hunters 1
3. Randy Bond - 17Apr10 6:58AM

Buffalo Hunters 2
4. Randy Bond - 17Apr10 6:59AM

5. Randy Bond - 17Apr10 7:01AM

Mountain Men 1

6. Randy Bond - 17Apr10 7:02AM

Mountain Men 2
7. Randy Bond - 17Apr10 7:03AM

Famous Outlaws (Women)
8. Randy Bond - 17Apr10 7:07AM

John Wesley Powell (Soldier, explorer, geologist) Colorado River and Grand Canyon Expedition

Not covered in this book but this photo would make a great 2 figure set like the Muir and TR set.

9. Bill Hocker - 17Apr10 10:16AM

Sometimes I think you have read my mind. I was going to do the Powell expedition (their riverboats are doable in toy soldier scale) but decided very late in the process not to - it would have meant eliminating one of the other Am West sets.
10. Randy Bond - 17Apr10 11:39AM


"Sometimes I think you have read my mind."

That's easy because my 2 favorite areas of study are the British Empire and American Studies (1754-1945)

I take it this is what the Powell boats looked like?

11. Randy Bond - 17Apr10 11:42AM

Western photographer Timothy O'Sullivan and his studio wagon would be another great subject.

12. Randy Bond - 17Apr10 12:01PM

This 1859 painting by Albert Bierstadt Surveyor's Wagon in the Rockies speaks volumes about America and the idea of Manifest Destiny and territorial expansion. Bierstadt was among the artists attached to the Lander Expedition of 1859, one of a number of transcontinental surveys of the United States related to linking the nation together and ultimately leading to the building of the Transcontinental RR. These surveys were also useful to the US military in providing data for the Plains Indian Wars.

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