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Victorian Vignettes

Randy Bond - 10Feb13 11:36AM

"Naval Rivals": The Influence of Sea Power on Victorian Boys 1890

In 1890 American naval strategist Alfred Thayer Mahan published his influential book The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660-1783. This little vignette translates the phenomenon to the English seaside where 2 boys dressed in the typical sailor suits worn by 19th Century children ask their parents why they too cannot have a sailboat like the boy they have just met on the beach.

Figures by Wm. Hocker
From Sets: 117, 228 and 320

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1. Randy Bond - 11Feb13 10:40AM

Another Victorian Vignette

"Baby Talk" Bridget and Fiona, nursemaids to families living on Berkeley Square exchange the latest gossip from their respective "Downstairs" worlds, while stopping at a nearby botanical garden.

England 1890s
Maker: Wm. Hocker

From sets:

117 "Our Army Off Duty at Home"
228 "A Public Display"

Bill has a real flair for capturing life during the British Empire. These are from 2 of my favorite sets for telling that story.

2. Randy Bond - 11Feb13 10:41AM

A Carriage for the Little "Memsahib": The Raj 1890s

Figures by Wm. Hocker
Victorian Army at Ease: figures from sets 117 (Our Army Off Duty at Home) and 118 (Our Army Off Duty in India)

3. Randy Bond - 11Feb13 10:43AM

"War Stories": An English and Highland officer compare notes on their recent experiences in the war zones of the Empire

Great Britain 1890s
Maker: Wm. Hocker

These are from one of my favorite Hocker series The Victorian Army At Ease. The subset is "Our Army Off Duty at Home"
I love these sets since they capture a mix of military and civilian figures from what Bill calls "Types of the British Empire". They are wonderful for storytelling about the daily lives of the British soldier when not engaged in battle. indeed a significant part of the time of soldiers of any era.

4. Randy Bond - 7Mar13 5:27AM

"Orders from Kitchener" Sudan 1898

Figures by Wm. Hocker
From Sets: 35 and 118
Scenics: Wilson Edward and Hiriart

5. Randy Bond - 11Mar13 1:09PM

"Oh What a Good Girl" Nursemaid Bridget O'Reilly has just told her mistress, Mrs. James, that baby Louisa has had her daily bath without any of her usual fussing.

Figures and palms by Wm. Hocker
Furniture by Wm. Britain
Other accessories from our local Dollhouse Miniatures store.The painting in the background shows Louisa's christening.

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