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Chicago Show

Randy Bond - 29Aug13 4:48AM

Hi Bill

You noted on the Hocker Home page

"I will be bringing only sets with numbers higher than 390."

I noticed that there are only 6 sets with numbers above 390 on your In Stock list. You must have a lot of items not listed on the site here?

I am looking forward to seeing what new items you will be previewing. I hope someone will take photos for those of us not attending.

All the best for a great show this year!


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1. Bill Hocker - 30Aug13 8:56AM

Randy, Many thanks for the good wishes. We are making sets specifically for the show, although I have still not been able to get an airplane finished (see photo). I will also be displaying a few new sets related to the first year of (as you have probably guessed) the Great War. I will try to put some photos from my room into dispatches.
2. Randy Bond - 30Aug13 1:07PM

Thanks Bill

Looking forward to seeing the Great War series.
Don't forget some nurses and medical sets (:-)

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