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Kudos For WWI Series

Randy Bond - 18Feb14 9:53AM

A truly spectacular collection. Will you be adding to it over they coming years? You are off to a great start.
The attached is my favorite. You must be the first to tackle this subject.
***** Rating

Additions and Comments
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1. Alexander Jordan - 19Feb14 3:35PM

I couldn't agree more with Randy. I look forward to seeing what other WW1 sets Bill adds to this already "great" range for the Great War.
My own WW1 future sets wish list would be any of the following:

1) U.S. Marines in action (including a U.S. Navy Corpsman assigned to every Marine Platoon in WW1)
my great uncle, Jim Jordan was a WW1 U.S. Marine wounded at Bellau Wood
2) British Infantry in Foreign Service Uniforms as worn in the Middle East Campaigns.
3) Australian/New Zealand infantry in Foreign Service Uniforms " "
4) U.S. Army Air Corps (only because my Grandfather, Joe Jordan, was a U.S. Army Air Corps pilot in France during WW1)
5) French Foreign Legion in North Africa set circa 1920's?
2. Steve Mills - 22Aug14 11:52PM

Yep. The Australian Light Horse would be a great addition to the WW1 series.

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