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54th Massachusetts

Randy Bond - 17Apr10 12:16PM


Any chance of adding Col Shaw and the 54th Mass. to your Civil War lineup?

This would be a nice complement to your Rhode Island Continental Light Infantry (AWI), Buffalo Soldiers (American West) and the 10th Cavalry dismounted (Spanish American War)


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1. Randy Bond - 17Apr10 12:17PM

Buffalo Soldiers
2. Randy Bond - 17Apr10 12:17PM

10th Cavalry
3. Bill Hocker - 19Apr10 8:04PM

Set number 372 can and has been ordered with black troops. The set was, in fact, done to represent the 54th (and the prototype shown in Chicago was the 54th) but then I went for more generic labeling.
4. Randy Bond - 20Apr10 4:07AM

Thanks Bill

That is great to hear.

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